GLAS - Basix Series - Mango Tango (60ml 3mg)

GLAS - Basix Series - Mango Tango (60ml 3mg)

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60ml - 3mg

Glas Basix Mango Tango eJuice purchases an express flight for you to a remote, tropical beach and gives you a firsthand lesson in island rhythm. Light on their feet and gentle with their steps, mango and pineapple tussle through the air with whirling fury. The fiery passion blazes on throughout the blackcurrant dash across the floor. Each sharp turn that this mango pineapple vape juice takes is like a swiftly moving and sensual salsa, throwing themselves to the pulsing beat. Gliding like leaves in the wind, they flutter about your palate as their aroma fills the crisp air. Bounding and leaping like tigers unchained, the pineapple and mango vape juice rushes from end to end with swirling flight. Their skill and strength are perfectly matched.



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