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Yogi Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar Premium Liquid 60ML

Yogi E-Liquids is better than ever with e-cigarette liquids. They make the electronic cigarette liquid as if it is coming from your heart. Yogi Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar is the perfect combination of sweet and rich tobacco. You will fall in love from the moment you open the bottle.

When you breathe Yogi Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar, the taste of vanilla strikes your sense of taste in the most meticulous way. This vanilla aroma has the right amount of sweetness to drive you mad at the flavor buds. Then the taste of tobacco combines with vanilla to give it a slightly sweeter and richer flavor. As you exhale, the taste of the granola bar merges with the two that shake from your spine. This flavor will become your new favorite all day long in seconds.

70Vg / 30Pg

Made in : U.S.A.



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